Coaching engl.

Thank you everybody for your detailed feedback! …Marco


Staging/Coaching with DeltaQ, professional Vocal Band from Berlin / Germany

At the end of june of this year we worked together with Marco and were allowed to get to know him and his work. Marco is a great and very nice artist. He is able to create a light and productive working atmosphere with his humor and competent charisma. He has a great eye for the whole picture, being a singer, actor and dancer, but he can also be very specific with the detailed aspects. Using very small but effective hints, he can make you aware of detailed personal problems and work on them efficiently. The centre of his work is not only to find the best possible movements, but also the realization of original ideas. So in the working process he doesn’t just consider the creative influences of the group, he works them out and optimizes them in the first place.

Till Buddecke (DeltaQ), 10. october 2012


Choreography/Staging/Coaching with MAYBEBOP, professional Vocal Band from Hannover / Germany

We had already been working with a variety of different choreographers, with whom I always had the feeling of knowing all their movement repertoire after only 6 or 7 songs because of just remixing already known steps. Not so with Marco: With every new song we approach him with, he comes up with new pictures, scenes, movements or absurd dances, that never decay to an end in themselves but grow out of the song and help lift it up to another level. He never expects the impossible, but evaluates at the same time the limits of the possible and helped us many times to expand our abilities. He leads us efficiently through his plans, is meticulous in the right places but also gives us free rein when it is appropriate. Marco is very conscientious, but he also trusts us in the knowledge that his templates develop their greatest quality after we adapt them and allow them to evolve, even though they end up being a little different than originally planned. His openness, his apparently never-ending creativity, his sensitivity, his balanced mixture of dance steps and scenery pictures, the effective, pleasant and idyllic rehearsal time and last but not least his uncomplicated, friendly company – this mixture works with us and makes me very excited about all the many songs that will still come up to put on stage with Marco in future.

Oliver Gies (MAYBEBOP), august 2012


Coaching / Directing with Lars Redlich, musician, musical performer, entertainer Berlin / Germany

Working together with Marco on my comedy program „Lars but not least“ was very productive, professional and creative in many ways (by the way – the title was his idea!). In two days we did not only work on choreography, but went into much more detail on body postures, precise sequences of movement, facial expressions and mainly on the interpretations of the songs ́ contents.
He has a very special ability to focus on the context of an individual piece, to stage it, and incredibly has many ideas of how to develop the journey through songs, presentations and movements.
I would especially like to point out his way of communicating his ideas, on one hand Marco is extremely specific (it is incredible how often you can actually rehearse a verse

of a song!!! ) and on the other hand he establishes a very pleasant working atmosphere.
I ́m looking forward to continue working with him, as my choreographer and director for the reopening of my show in fall 2012!


Lars Redlich,

Berlin, 16.08.2012


Coaching/Choreography with VOSSIBILITY, professional Vocal Band from Cologne / Germany

Marco Billep has the ability to motivate people positively and shares his knowledge and techniques with humor, enthusiasm, and joy whilst at the same time keeping it totally relaxed.
He handles the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of his students (especially regarding the limited moving abilities) with sensitivity and understanding so that everyone always feels respected and in good hands.

„Marco brings everyone up to the same level, taking into account varying degrees of ability“
The clarity of his instructions makes it easy to comprehend what his expectations are, and he repeats everything with a lot of patience as long as it needs until everybody is on the same level. He formulates his criticism constructively, clear and easy to understand. In a benevolent atmosphere he attaches a lot of value to precision and repetition to make full use of each individuals and the groups potential.

We have been profiting a lot from Marco’s knowledge and skills, we enjoy his choreographies on stage and hope to be able to keep working with him for a long time.


Mareike Voss im Namen von „Vossibility“

 Köln, 31.07.2012


Coaching with FourTune, professional Vocal Band from Cologne/Germany

On the 30th of june 2012 we – the vocal quartet FourTune – got to enjoy a coaching workshop with Marco A. Billep at the German A Cappella festival in Sendenhorst.

In 45 minutes it was clear to us, that Mr. Billep has a very good and quick musical perception, therefore he was able to give us advice on parameters such as rhythm, timing, vocal blend and dynamics. This he was able to express very clearly and make us understand right away.

Furthermore there is to mention, that through his diversity he was not only able to give us suggestions on our singing, but also to help us perfectly with our physical performance on stage. I would like to add, that we are all experienced in dance and have a large ‘on stage’ experience, but still Mr. Billep was able to pick each of us up enabling us to improve our own individual levels.

Particularly positive is our memory of his work on the effects and focus of our performance.

Marco Billep has a great talent to recognize potential and bring it out. He was able to express clearly and in a comprehensive way, how we could make improvements on our performance. What was most impressing was his *rapid observations of facts* and his fantastic demonstration skills of possible approaches for improvement.

With his open and kind way, his wonderful working pace and diversity, Marco Billep was able to help us discover new sides we hadn’t explored or didn’t know about until now. His coaching didn’t just reveal new things to us, but motivated us to work on these elements and inspired us to experiment with new things.


Ramona Peter (im Auftrag der FourTune GbR)


Bandcoaching and choreography for the professional Vocal Band MUSIX from Berlin/Germany

„Marco throws himself into his work with a lot of energy, but without overwhelming us non- dancers. In general he has a very fine sense of what is possible and allows us to explore with him the limits of our abilities as a joint effort. The result is choreography that achieves great effects by simple means.“

André Bachmann, singer